Chef Antoine Bonnet-Gestion Coûts-matières- Chef privé - private chef.

- Gestion with a garanti of max 26% food cost. Control and negotiation suppliers. 

- Openings experience, Jean Georges Dubai, Brassica Beirut as partner, Goutons voir Beirut, Tinto Beirut, Racine Beirut.

- International experience, food, relation ship, management, suppliers, customers particularity…

- Management 

- Psychology, with a calm and strong positive attitude. 

- Back office, Master in Excel, gestion, POS, Hygien map and training map, planning, guideline book, HR, Social media … 

- PIC diploma in 2015 Dubai.

- HACCP in 96 Paris France.

- Around 4000 precious food recipes. 

- Curiosity, so it s maybe more then 4000 recipes today … 

- Food creativity, food adaptation with concept, listen what asking and looking customer. 

- Customer relation, pass around table to visite all customer after eating. 

- Training staff.

- Recipe book in kitchen with GR to follow, and method. 

- FOOD speciality and originality : French, Italian, Asia, Mediterranean, Home made truffle burrata with strawberry, Rossini beef Wellington, Peking duck, home made sour bread … 

- Kitchen organisation, very clean, every ingredient in the same place with label.

- I manage a kitchen, a kitchen team always to be ready to open a second one.

- Casual dining or find dining. 

- Knowledge about all cost, packaging for delivery, food cost, energy cost, taxe cost… 

- Own Business plan can automatically calcul the red line warning or giving an exacte provisional after 3 months of exercice. 

- Profile, good education and neat presentation. 


More than a chef, I can be a real success partner, both of the food experience than management with a very strong skill. 

rare are chefs to have all this quality.